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Here are Paul Eykamp's Photos for the
UC Davis Ski Or Snowboard club.

I'll post your photos here too, just send them to me at sos@alumnigroups.net
If you are in a photo and want it off the site, just e-mail me and it will be gone in 24hrs. I try to edit for content, but things slip through or I guess wrong. Larger images are in the works as are .zip files with the originals.
All Cal 2003 Big Sky
The 2003 All Cal Website (sign up now!)

All Cal 2002 Breckenridge
Snow Volleyball
Snow Sculpture
The Dirty Dancing Contest

(password needed. (email me)

Cabin Trips 2003
The First Cabin Trip
(I did not go on this, send pictures!)
The Second Cabin Trip (soon!)
The Third Cabin Trip (in progress)
Otherwise known as NorCal
The Fourth Cabin Trip (canceled boo!)
Houseboat! (I didn't go, send photos)

All Cal 2001 Aspen
The All Cal Meeting Where we learn what's up.
On the Bus
The Welcome Party 
Fun Races
Broomball and Snow Sculpture
On the Slopes
Snow Volleyball

The Dirty Dancing Contest (soon)
Victory Party

Cabin Trips 2002cabintrip1.JPG (34771 bytes)
The First Cabin Trip

The Cabin (Edgewater)
The Second Cabin Trip

   one mongo page not cleaned up much yet
The Third Cabin Trip
Otherwise known as NorCal
The Fourth Cabin Trip (Cancled)
Set I  | Set II | Dancing
dancing requires password - email me

All Cal 2000 Steamboat
All Cal pictures are sorted them by theme. The thumbnail files are a little big so please be patient.. By clicking on the thumbnail you get the picture in all its glory at between 180k and 360k. I took 117 with my digital camera and another 24 with film.

The First Party up the Mountain (the Red and Green Party).
Broomball and Snow Sculpture
(intermixed in chronological order)redandgreen2.JPG (348599 bytes)
A Party at #57
A party across the hall to which I remembered to take my camera.
it is what we went to Steamboat to do...
Snow Volleyball (photos from Sara Van Midde)
Some really bad ass JUMPS
(go Marty!)
Warming up for Thumper, Thumper, and some dancing
at the last party.
And of course, the Dirty Dancing Contest.
Password protected. (email me).
The Victory Party Part I  ...in which much beer is consumed from the cup. NEW!

Cabin Trips 2001
The First Cabin Trip

All in one file,  First Cabin Trip
note: I have not had time to PhotoShop all of these yet or sort them much.
The Second Cabin Trip
All in one file,  Second Cabin Trip
note: I have not had time to PhotoShop all of these yet or sort them much.
The Third Cabin Trip - NorCal 
All in one file,  Norcal note: If you want the larger original photos, e-mail me.
The big parties were at the UC Santa Cruz Ski and Snow Board Club cabin (they rock!)
(I'm working on breaking up this file a little...)group shot.JPG (548228 bytes)

Random SOS Club Activity 2001
2001-02 Officer Elections and the party that goes with them! Group Photo  
Picnic Day Parade
Picnic Day Random (battle of the bands)
Picnic Day After Party 
Houseboat! 2001  A hundred photos
If you want the larger original photos for any of the SOS club activities, e-mail me.
Stay tuned for updates and refinements!
Graduation Party Some SOS people graduated and had a party!


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 Marty doing flips 

All Photos Copyright 2000-2003  Paul W. Eykamp
Last updated 14 October 2003

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